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Be yourself, Macbeth. Have courage! Don't be defeated by fear. O murdered King, if only I could rouse you from your deep sleep. Lady Macbeth drags him off. Qui m'attendete, o Banco. Entra nella stanza del Re. Wait here for me, Banquo. He goes into the King's chamber. Per l'aer cieco lamentose voci, Voci s'udian di morte. Mourning voices were heard in the blind air, voices of death.

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The bird of ill omen moaned gloomily and the earth was felt to shake. Banco entra precipitoso nella stanza del Re Correte! Tutti accorrete!

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Oh delitto! I cannot say it!

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Banquo rushes into the King's chamber Hurry! Ho there! Everyone come here! O gran Dio, che ne' cuori penetri, Tu ne assisti, in te solo fidiamo; Da te lume, consiglio cerchiamo A squarciar delle tenebre il vel! L'ira tua formidabile e pronta Colga l'empio, o fatal punitor; E vi stampi sul volto l'impronta Che stampasti sul primo uccisor. ALL: What is it? What has happened? ALL: Open your mouth, hell and swallow all creation in your womb. Heaven, let your flames fall on the unknown, detestable murderer.

God, you can look into our hearts, aid us, we trust in you alone. We look to you for light and counsel to tear through the veil of darkness.

Deadly castigator let your formidable, ready anger take the villain and mark his head as you marked that of the first murderer. Act 2 Top Act 1 Act 3. Stanza nel castello.

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Macbeth pensoso, seguito da Lady Macbeth. A room in the castle. Macbeth enters, deep in thought, followed by Lady Macbeth. Veraci Parlar le maliarde, e re tu sei. Dunque i suoi figli regneran? Parte precipitoso. The deed cannot he undone. The sorceresses spoke the truth and you are king.

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Because of his sudden flight to England Duncan's son has been accused of parricide and the throne was left empty for you. So will his sons reign? Will Duncan have died for them? He rushes out. Nuovo delitto! E' necessario! Compiersi debbe l'opra fatale. O scettro, alfin sei mio!


Ogni mortal desio Tace e s'acqueta in te. O longed-for night, throw a veil over the guilty murderous hand. A new crime! It must be so! The fatal deed must be done. Power means nothing to the dead; for them a requiem and eternity. Oh, desire of the throne! Oh, sceptre, at last you are mine!

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Every living desire is quieted and calmed in you. The man who was prophesied king will soon fall lifeless. A park. In the distance is Macbeth's castle. Two groups of assassins enter from several directions.

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Chi v'impose unirvi a noi? Fu Macbetto. Ed a che far? Deggiam Banco trucidar. Insiem con voi. Rimanete, or bene sta. Cieca notte, affretta e spegni Ogni lume in terra e in ciel. Trema, o Banco! Who commanded you to join us? It was Macbeth. To do what? We are to slaughter Banquo. Together with you. He will come here with his son. All is well. ALL: The sun has disappeared, now let night reign, wicked and bloodstained. Blind night, hurry to extinguish all light on earth and in heaven.