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Henry Waugh, Prop. New York : Random House , , p. An earned run is one for which the pitcher is held responsible.

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If an error contributes to a run or prolongs an inning, any subsequent runs are unearned. The earned run average ERA is an index of a pitcher's effectiveness and indicates the number of earned runs allowed per nine innings. Boswell , , Heart of the Order , p.

Malamud , Bernard , The Natural ; rept. New York : Avon , , p. Seymour , , Golden Age , pp. New York : Penguin , , pp. This fact was brought home to him with a vengeance in New York : Henry Holt , ], p. He insisted on a cleanup.

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With a sense of outrage he began a series of articles to jolt the executive world of baseball into action. Barzun , , God's Country and Mine , p. Guttmann , , From Ritual to Record , pp. Harris , Mark , Bang the Drum Slowly ; rept. Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press , , p. Guttmann , , From Ritual to Record , p. Nowell , Elizabeth New York : Scribner's , , p. Angell , , Summer Game , p.

Quoted in Voigt , David Q. Fox-Genovese , , Feminism Without Illusions , p. Seymour , , People's Game , p. Giamatti , , Take Time for Paradise , pp. Guttmann , , Whole New Ball Game , p. Seymour , , Early Years , p. By mid-July of , it had become clear that the owners' fears of financial difficulty were unfounded: attendance was up, especially at Comiskey Park. Guttmann , , Whole New Ballgame , pp. Harris , , Bang the Drum Slowly , p. Malamud , , The Natural , pp. Field , Leslie A.

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Englewood Cliffs, N. Magazine and Democratic Review 6 : That movie, an upbeat but intriguingly somber fairy tale about the resurrection of a lost soul, may have problems of its own, but it's a rich, solid and unusually satisfying tall tale.

Baseball legend Lou Piniella is guest of honor for Birmingham Barons’ Rickwood Classic

There are plenty of Jeff Stone stories, but few have been verified. Many, no doubt, are apocryphal. He denies many of them. Stone has played with the Phillies, the Orioles, the Rangers. Legend has it that before he signed, he was clocked in the 40 while running in a Missouri cornfield. He began his pro career in Bend, Ore. Much of the above is no doubt exaggerated, but you get the idea. Stone is one of the last of the innocents, trying to make a name in this graceless age.

Price K's 6 to earn 150th Major League win - Red Sox-Tigers Game Highlights 7/7/19

Kinsella , W. New York : Ballantine , , p. The film City Slickers directed by Ron Underwood and written by Ganz , Lowell and Mandell , Babaloo , Columbia, offers a more whimsical portrayal of the web of associations that link baseball to rugged individualism, father-son relations, and male bonding in general.

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Mitch Billy Crystal , Phil Daniel Stern , and Ed Bruno Kirby are three friends who decide to take part in a cattle drive as therapy for their various midlife crises. Mitch, who finds himself uncomfortable with Western-style hats, wears a New York Mets cap for most of the drive.

Midway through the film, the only woman participant in the drive, Bonnie Helen Slater , asks the men to explain their fascination with baseball. I mean, I've been to games, but I don't memorize … who played third base for Pittsburgh … in Are they working? Are they not? Who she's seeing? Is that working? Now, that was real. The climactic sequence of the film occurs when the cattle drive must cross a stream in bad weather.

Mitch risks his life to save a calf that he pulled from the womb of its dying mother earlier in the film; swept away by the rushing current, both Mitch and the calf are saved - barely - by the outstretched arms, first of Phil, then of Ed. It was like Mays in the '54 World Series. Baseball provides these men with a communal vocabulary, a set of names, images, and events that they have shared with their fathers and can share amongst themselves.

Unable to speak plainly about their feelings and relationships as Bonnie claims that women do , the men use baseball as a substitute language, a way of expressing the spontaneous overflow of emotion. I happen to love both, so The Legends of Last Place had me from the very first sentence.

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De : Abe Streep. Lu par : Abe Streep. Description Lifelong baseball fanatic and former college ball player Abe Streep had long since grown disillusioned with the slick spectacle of modern major-league baseball when he discovered the Santa Fe Fuego, a scrappy upstart team struggling through its first season in an independent professional league that few baseball fans had even heard of.

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