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This is all information that should be displayed clearly on your website, so the solution is simply to direct them to your online shop or gallery. Goes without saying, always bears repeating. A request for personal information is always, always a giant red flag. Do not give away social security numbers, bank account information, or your personal address. But once again- this is It is very, very easy to execute a secure transaction online without you ever having to provide your personal information to a potential collector. Your best defense against scams is to use a solid shopping cart interface for all Internet transactions, refuse to accept non-traditional payment methods, and never, ever give away personal information on the Internet.

Your best response is to ignore it and move on, or possibly submit a complaint to the FTC using the link below. Better Business Bureau — tips on avoiding art scams. Do you find yourself a frequent recipient of art scam attempts? Do you notice common tactics? Please share your experiences in the comments. Protecting yourself in the online world is so key! I am a self taught professionally trained. If you can remember those two red flags, you can avoid a lot of scams.

Let me call you back.

Your information is less secure than ever

I will look at the number on the back of my credit card. I'll call the call center and ask for you or I'll ask if they placed the call. It takes a minute to verify, but it's certainly better than giving someone information or giving them your money.

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Listen, I know I can be scammed. And obviously, we've had a lot of extremely well-educated people who have been scammed. If you don't tell anybody, they [law enforcement] can't stop it. So you recognize that there's nothing to be ashamed of; anybody can be scammed. So don't make it easy. Educate yourself. You can't rely on the police, you can't rely on the government, you can't rely on the bank to protect you. So be proactive. Educate yourself about these things, so you don't get scammed.

Here are few of them:. Here's how to protect yourself from scammers.

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Want more tips like these? Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. Follow better. Get the Better newsletter. Learn as much as you can to protect yourself. Keep us posted if you learn any more about it. My spidey senses said it was a scam because of the bad English but then I so want to sell so I played along for a bit.

How Con Artists Work

So glad I read this article! I visited your website and I hope you believe, as I do, that your artwork is very special, beautiful and saleable. Hi there, anyone has been scammed or has any experience to share relating to dealing with a person called Mxxx Yxxxxxxx? She has contacted someone I know to sell her representation, and I would hate them to be scammed off their hard earned money. Dear Tico, Thank you for your comment. Renee, thanks for sharing this Important article. When I receive this type of email, I immediately google their name and add the words scam artist.

Big surprise NOT their name comes up! Thanks for putting this info out there!

Types of Scams

I assume the contact form is being hit with automated scripts or something. Very often, you can copy and paste the body of the email into your Google search box, and the email will show up nearly verbatim on various anti-scam blogs.

Chances are that if you got the email, many other artists did too. I suggest you check everything! The scams are getting more and more sophisticated. I got this email from John Owen in North Carolina. The IP was from Africa. Sure enough, my analytics showed a visitor from Kenya. I decided to play anyway:. When he replied, it was much better English different person handling different steps?

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And now his name was John Glenn, not John Owen. Thank you for sharing the manner in which you handled his query. It should serve as a model for other artists to follow. Thank you Renee!

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Thank you for posting this. I just received a message from this person this AM and Googled the email address. Many thanks for sounding the alarm! Thank you very much for your comment. Your suggestion about checking the IP address is very helpful. I delighted that you found this article by Nancy Reyner.

Please continue to check our website for any new scams we discover and report any new suspicious emails you may hopefully not receive. Best regards, Renee. Ugh, I get so many of these scam emails. Also beware of emails where the name is made up of two Christian names, such as David John saves the scammer from trying to work out which is the surname.


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John Smith from China. I truly hope these vile scammers get all the karma that is due to them. I just got the exact same email today, from the same sender.

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I suspected a scam immediately. Thanks for posting this so I had quick confirmation! Wow thank you Renee! I literally just got that exact same email from Anthonio Jack yesterday and was doing some research because it sounded too good to be true, and it looks like my intuition was correct! I gave him outrageous prices for prints of my work which he was completely willing to pay saying he wanted to surprise his wife with an anniversary present. He went on to say that he was moving to the Phillipines and would need to send someone to pick up the artwork!