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Organization is key with notes, and the more organized you are the better the chances you'll actually remember that information. The basic idea of notes is to keep them short, but have enough triggers in the keywords to jumpstart your memory when you look at them again:. Really, you only want to write down what matters.

How the Laptop Became a Note-Taking Tool

Notes are tricky, because you want to keep things simple, and get down only the amount of information needed to help you recall it later. If you're not already using one, a text expander can also make the process of typing out notes a lot quicker by letting you instantly type our forms, bibliography info, and more. You can also create a system of symbols to organize information quickly. This includes using something like an asterisk to denote an important task or a question mark to denote an item you want to research later.

Should You Take Notes On Paper Or On A Computer?

The idea is to make your notes easy to scan through to find the parts you need to pay more attention to. Once you actually take the notes, you need a system to find what you're looking for. Writer Tim Ferriss recommends coming up with an indexing system so you can quickly find what you're looking for. This could mean hand-numbering pages, and writing out an index at the beginning of a notebook to quickly find notes.

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He talks about doing this with paper, but digital note taking services like Evernote are great for this as well when you use tags. For simplicity's sake, we also like Simplenote as a plain text method that also supports tags. Just make sure you always tag your notes with relevant information like the class, meeting, project, or chapter.

You have a lot of options for different note-taking methods, but none of them are perfect for everyone. Depending on the circumstance and the type of person you are, you'll have better luck with certain methods.

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So, it's best to try a few. Basically I did anything I could find to do besides taking notes during the lecture.

How to Read, Take Notes On and Understand Journal Articles - Essay Tips

Sorry, Mom! That being said, I am not unreasonable. Being fresh out of college, I know how important it is to use laptops and other technology in school. No one can deny the speed at which you can take notes, compared to writing by hand. When hand-written note-taking is overwhelming, you can then take notes on your computer. But, in order to successfully retain the information, you will need to follow three guidelines:. Or, want to see our fast and simple method for turning notes into test questions?

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The most critical learning, organizing, and communication skills needed for school. StudySkills Articles. Note-Taking: Writing vs. Typing Notes. Teacher Administrator Tutor Parent Student.

Handwriting vs. Typing: How to Choose the Best Method to Take Notes – Effectiviology

Since I started my productivity consultancy in , I have seen tremendous, and successful, efforts to reduce reliance on paper in business processes. But, then there are meeting notes. Should you continue with paper longhand note-taking? Or, like many other processes, are electronic methods more efficient? A study by Mueller and Oppenheimer rocked the world of modern academics. These researchers dared to show that students who took notes on a laptop performed meaningfully worse on conceptual questions than those who took notes longhand. The laptop notes crowd experienced shallower cognitive processing of the information.

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Then, when I needed to refer to them later, I had the fun and time-consuming task of trying to remember the date of the meeting where I took the notes. I never could force myself to make a table of contents for each month like they told me to. I see few Franklin Planners today, but I do see a fair number of moleskine-like books. Moleskine-lovers must have a better memory for meeting dates.

Or, they enjoy reliving those meeting memories.

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I like to keep things very simple — for me and for my clients. I am past the days of asking myself or others to follow a step flow chart and attend a user conference to better manage time.

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