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Fisher, Stuttgart: B. Teubner, Michaelis Pselli Scripta Minora , ed. Kurtz, Milan: Andre R. Orazione in memoria di Costantino Lichudi , introduzione, traduzione, commento e appendici a cura di Ugo Criscuolo, Messina : Edizioni Dott.

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Sfameni, To monacho kyr Ioanne kai gegonoti Patriarche to Xiphilino. Italian trans, Epistola a Giovanni Xifilino, testo critico, introduzione, traduzione e commentario, by Ugo Criscuolo, Naples: Universita di Napoli, Cattedra di filologia bizantina, Pros ton Patriarchen kyr Michael ton Keroularion. Italian trans. Epistola a Michele Cerulario: testo critico, introduzione, traduzione e note , by Ugo Criscuolo, Naples: Universita di Napoli, Cattedra di filologia bizantina, Liber de quatuor mathematicis scientiis.

The Cambridge Medieval History. Joan Hussey Vast, with good bib and maps. Hussey, J. Laiou, Angeliki E. Good bibliographies.

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Concentrates on political history. D , Crestwood, N. Treadgold, Warren T. Byzantium and its army, Stanford, Calif.

Michael Psellus: Chronographia, trans E. Towards the end of Monomachos' reign, Psellos found himself under political pressure for some reason and finally decided to leave the court, entering the Olympus monastery in Bithynia in After Monomachos' death, however, he was soon recalled to court by his successor, Emperess Theodora reigned - Throughout the following years, he remained active in politics, serving as a high-ranking political advisor to several successive emperors.

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As Psellos had served as Michael's personal teacher during the reign of Michael's father Constantine, and as he had played an important role in helping Michael gain power against his adversary and step-father Romanos, Psellos probably entertained hopes of an even more influential position as a teacher and advisor under him.

However, Michael seems to have been less inclined towards protecting Psellos and after the mids there is no more information about any role played by Psellos at court. As his own autobiographic accounts cease at this point, there is little reliable information about his later years.

Michael Psellos

Some scholars believe that Psellos had to retreat into a monastery again at some time during the s. Probably Psellos' best known and most accessible work is the Chronographia. It is a history of the Byzantine emperors during the century leading up to Psellos' own time. It covers the reigns of fourteen emperors and emperesses, beginning with the almost year-long reign of Basil II, the "Bulgar-Slayer" , and ending some time during the reign of Michael VII It is structured mainly as a series of biographies.

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Unlike most other historiographical works of the period, it places much more emphasis on the description of characters than on details of political and military events. It also includes very extensive autobiographical elements about Psellos' political and intellectual development, and it gives far greater weight to those periods where Psellos held an active position in politics especially the reign of Constantine IX , giving the whole work almost the character of political memoirs. It is believed to have been written in two parts. The first covers the emperors up to Isaac I Komnenos.

The second, which has a much more strongly apologetic tone, is in large parts an encomium on Psellus' current protectors, the emperors of the Doukas dynasty. Psellos was a universally educated personality and had a reputation as being one of the most learned men of his time. Du kanske gillar.

Psellus, Michael (Baptized Constantine)

Redesigning Achilles Sophia Papaioannou Inbunden. Terence and Interpretation Sophia Papaioannou Inbunden. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar.

Laddas ned direkt. This book explores Michael Psellos' place in the history of Greek rhetoric and self-representation and his impact on the development of Byzantine literature. Avoiding the modern dilemma that vacillates between Psellos the pompous rhetorician and Psellos the ingenious thinker, Professor Papaioannou unravels the often misunderstood Byzantine rhetoric, its rich discursive tradition and the social fabric of elite Constantinopolitan culture which rhetoric addressed.

The book offers close readings of Psellos' personal letters, speeches, lectures and historiographical narratives, and analysis of other early Byzantine and classical models of authorship in Byzantine book culture, such as Gregory of Nazianzos, Synesios of Cyrene, Hermogenes and Plato.