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    The dedicated scribes you and your family , will never fail to praise God, strengthen the just, confirm the good, and confound the proud. But let's keep this simple, the act of transcribing the words of God will transform your life - you will never be the same. Your devotion will be an act of meditation and prayer. Your heart will be full of God's love. On a parting note, the best way to use the books that are part of the Bible Copyworks series is to be in the right frame of mind. Here is a wonderful prayer to help - My dear God, I ask not for more riches, but for more wisdom with which to make wiser use of the gift you gave me at birth, that is, the power to control my own mind to whatever ends you desire of me.

    My God, please never forget me, remind me daily of my purpose and mission in this life. Let me please you.