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And so, with the film going into limited release today, we wanted to round up some of our favorite films revolving around fathers and sons. Take a look below, and let us know your own favorites in the comments section.

  • Battling Boy.
  • 30 Best Father Son Duos in Movie History - InsideHook.
  • Décrypter ses rêves (Comprendre & Agir) (French Edition).

Fox is accidentally sent back in time to after his father figure, Dr. Marty then quickly learns that his appearance in has disrupted the space-time continuum and in order to set history right, he must befriend his now-younger father Crispin Glover and convince him to ask out his mother Lea Thompson to the school dance so they can get married and eventually give birth to Marty. The problem is of course that his mother now has fallen in love with him so comically risque back then and Marty has to pull out all the stops in order to persuade his dorky father he can get the girl.

I want to do something about it. Perhaps the best known work of the Italian neo-realism movement that emerged after the death of Mussolini and the defeat of fascism in the country, the film based on a novel by Luigi Bartolini depicts the harsh realities and struggles of life in post-war Rome, and stars Lamberto Maggiorani a non-pro when cast, dubbed over by a real actor, who later took up performing himself as Antonio, the father of two children, who needs a bike in order to get work to support them.

It might be over 60 years old, but from U. Unlike many other news sites, we have not put up a paywall.

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But we would like to invite readers who can afford to do so, and for whom The Times of Israel has become important, to help support our journalism by joining The Times of Israel Community. Join our community. Bonus points for said son refusing the advances of his own mother despite the fact that she is ready, willing, and foxy to beat the band.

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This is the question with which Oliver struggles after his aging and terminally ill father comes out to him in Beginners. Fathers have experience. Experience breeds perspective. Perspective breeds advice.

The Best Father-Son Movies Ever Made

Christopher Walken and Frank Abagnale Jr. Leonardo Dicaprio. That he could have been had he been just a touch more savvy. Boogie Nights takes the concept of a nuclear family and flips it, quite irreverently, on its head: in each other, a group of castaways-cum-adult-film-stars find the loving, nurturing parents and children they never had. Sometimes, you must build it.

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But how about that Mufasa? Best Disney dad of all time? A brilliant meditation on fatherhood and the transition from child to adult. In the opening scenes of Moonlight , Chiron is defined by fear. Fear of the schoolkids who bully him. Fear of his crack-addicted mother. Fear of his own desires and emotions. Then he meets Juan, a stoic local drug kingpin with an outsized heart.

Of Fathers and Sons

A tale of two stubborn, brilliant, adventurous men so similar it tears them apart … until the actual Holy Grail and the shared love of a beautiful Nazi sympathizer brings them back together. You know, classic dad-son bonding. But when Henry Sr. Father knows best. Wes Anderson doing Wes Anderson: father and son love each other; father and son resent one another.

There is bickering.

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  6. They fight over a woman. But at the end of the day, they exchange obtuse niceties, force a smile and learn to — if not love — at least respect one another. Damon and Williams are brilliant leads in a story about a self-taught genius with a painful past and the men who see through his rough exterior to the fragile, curious soul beneath.

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    A beautiful exploration of the intricacies of relationships platonic, parental and romantic. The boy is crestfallen, as is his father. Until this point, down-on-his-luck Antonio has been a model of honor and good humor. A great example of how we often love and hate our fathers alternatingly for the very same reasons.