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The intention is to reflect upon the changing face of COIN conduct in the light of serious ethical challenges resulting from modern trends affecting combatant status, and the deployment of military force in a multipurpose framework. The resultant analysis shall suggest the need for a more nuanced form of ethical conduct, orientated around restraint, more flexible discriminatory principles and a proportionality framework closer to domestic policing than formal warfare.

In particular, this analysis suggests that by hybridizing the military imperative with the policing model of the continuum of force a more effective, less vague and more ethically coherent construct can be produced. By embracing these concepts, military practitioners may overcome ambiguous and unhelpful moral guidance and tailor their conduct more closely to the challenges of the contemporary COIN environment. The authors would like to extend their thanks and appreciation to the anonymous reviewers and the editors of the journal for their many helpful comments and observations on the original submission of this article.

The U. For a discussion of the intellectual utility of Vitoria and Grotius' Invincible Ignorance scenario, see ibid.

See ibid. Pfaff, Ethics in Complex Contingencies note Edward A. John J. Counterinsurgency Field Manual note 2 , pp.

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This statement appears in the final draft 16 June version of FM, , which does not appear in the 15 December version of FM or University of Chicago edition. See Wilkinson, Terrorism and the Liberal State note 17 , p. Albert S.

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Sean M. Cecilia M. Charles C. See Lt Gen. David H. Pfaff, Ethics in Complex Contingencies note 19 illustrates the chain of thought informing this process. The work of the Journal of Military Ethics stands as a notable champion of clear ethical thought. For an example, see Pfaff, Ethics in Complex Contingencies note 19 , who uses the case of an Iraqi man shot in his home by US forces to illustrate the moral necessity of restraint at all times.

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Refusing to condemn the example of a cross-border airstrike against insurgents fleeing Saudi Arabia into Yemen, he concludes that such actors must be held accountable after the point of contact for actions which seem to have crossed an ethical divide. It should also be noted that this co-existent model also allows the military forces to act in self-defence without prior warning. Frank G. For the background to this development see Myriame T. Bollen, Eric T. Linssen, Sebastiaan J.

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It wins when it effectively shapes an OE for combatant commanders, and when it responds rapidly with enough combat power to prevent war thorough deterrence during crisis. The Army wins when an enemy is defeated to such a degree that it can no longer effectively resist, and it agrees to cease hostilities on U.

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To ensure that the military results of combat are not temporary, the Army follows through with its unique scope and scale of capabilities to consolidate gains and win enduring outcomes favorable to U. He determined success by using the number of enemy kills i. He defined winning as fulfillment of objectives, yet the objectives were never clear in Vietnam. Westmoreland sought victory through the defeat of the enemy to such a degree that the opponent could no longer resist. It should be quite obvious.

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We are essentially using the same failing strategy Westmoreland used in in Vietnam. Well, we lost Vietnam. Summers Jr. The North Vietnamese colonel pondered this remark a moment.

Army Command and General Staff College. He is a logistics officer and has served as an operations officer, planner and commander. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer said on Friday a Navy SEAL convicted of battlefield misconduct should face a board of peers weighing whether to oust him from the elite force, despite President Donald Trump's assertion that he not be expelled. A military jury in July convicted Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher of illegally posing for pictures with the corpse of an Islamic State fighter but acquitted him of murder in the detainee's death.

Gallagher also was cleared of charges that he deliberately fired on unarmed civilians. The Air Force has identified the two airmen killed in a training accident on Thursday as Lt. Col John "Matt" Kincade, 47, and 2nd Lt. Travis B.

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Wilkie, Two Ts were training in formation when the incident occurred during the landing phase, according to a press release. A Marine lance corporal has become the first female Marine in history to graduate the Basic Reconnaissance Course, earning the military occupational specialty of Reconnaissance Marine. Lance Cpl. Alexa Barth completed the week course on Nov.

Kendra Motz, a Marine spokeswoman.

Army rolls out new field manual focused on fighting near-peer adversaries

Coast Guard operations specialist third class, but when the spotlight hits, his stage name and personalty -- Arik Cavalli -- takes over. Rangel, born in San Marcos, Tx. He didn't want his mother to have to support him after high school, so he honored her and his country by joining the U.