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Trust Structures i. Robert Mulholland Jr. Are there any surprises or new insights from The Three Ways that help you better understand how you might give yourself more fully to this phase of your journey? What would it look like to say yes? How is God inviting you to turn more fully toward him at this stage of your apprenticeship?

How might that help his presence, purpose, or power be released more fully in your life? One practical way to do this is to reflect on the story of your life with Jesus and then to share that story with another person. This week, the Practice is to do just that: sit down with a friend and tell them about your journey in apprenticeship to Jesus.

Here are a few helpful steps to make that happen:. Step One: Set aside some time to be alone with God and reflect on your journey with him. Begin by finding a quiet, comfortable place. Then, invite the Holy Spirit to be with you in your reflection. As you sit, spend some time allowing your life to play like a movie in your mind, beginning with childhood up into the present.

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To aid you in your time, consider journaling your responses to the following questions:. What was my family like growing up? How did my family interact with each other and with Jesus?

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How have I grown since I first began following Jesus? What changes have taken place in my character, practices, and belief over the years?

Apprenticeship with Jesus: Learning to Live Like the Master

What are 3—5 key moments in my life positive or negative and how have they impacted who I am as a person and as a disciple of Jesus? Who have been the most influential people on my spiritual journey? What did I learn from them? Step Two: Schedule a time with a friend and share your stories with one another.

If it is helpful, utilize the questions above to give shape to what you share. How do you feel about sharing your spiritual journey with someone? Will this be a new experience for you?

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As you work through The Three Ways, what excites you about the prospect of naming your stage of apprenticeship? As we sense the Spirit inviting us to take the next steps in our journey, how can we support each other as a Community? It can be stressful! Jesus experienced this. He had conflict in his family too! I have my drinking under control.

Apprenticed to Jesus

She drank alone. She used wine to deal with stress. Her drinking caused family conflicts. Jesus was a Thinker! I want to share with you about being a Thinker who feels. It seems everybody loves Saint Francis. But few really know him. We like our garden statues of a somber man holding a bird, but this is not the real Francis of Assisi from the 12th Century.

An understanding of how spiritual and psychological development generally progresses is crucial to personal faith and the ministries of spiritual direction, pastoral care, and Christian counseling.