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She professed no religious faith and was probably instrumental in turning her husband from distinct evangelism in the s towards agnosticism. She was buried in Blewbury in a non-religious ceremony. Her final novel, A Thief in the Night , was published posthumously in She was survived by a nephew, Peter MacTaggart. In the United States, her novels were published under the name E. Ferrars , her US publishers assuring her that "the 'X' would 'do it'". Ferrars was in fact her mother's maiden name.

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Though the majority of Ferrars's works are standalone novels, she wrote several series. Late in her career, she began writing about a semi-estranged married couple, Virginia and Felix Freer, and a retired botanist , Andrew Basnett. Several of her short stories also feature an elderly detective called Jonas P.

Her extraordinary output owes a great deal to considerable self-discipline and diligent method.

Her plots were worked out in detail in hand-written notebooks before being filled out in typed manuscript; she said that they were worked backwards from the denouement. Like every writer, she based characters and situations on people she knew and things she had seen in real life. She travelled with her husband when his academic career required, for example to Adelaide where he was a visiting professor at the University of South Australia , and on holidays specially to Madeira , which they loved.

Her books are written so that readers are spared from violence or extreme unpleasantness. Her characters are from backgrounds who do not expect crime or violence to impinge on their lives.

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They are educated, and often work in academic or artistic fields. Female characters are independent and "politely feminist," [6]. Articles "No Danger to Detectives! Ferrars and starring George C. Scott, Kraft Television Theatre Aug. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Independent. Radcliffe Gothic novels of the twentieth century: an annotated bibliography. Who's who in crime and mystery writing.

It has now been nominated for the Sue Feder Macavity. For ten years Catriona lived on a ramshackle farm in a beautiful valley in Galloway, running in the hills, swimming in the rivers and gardening in spite of the wind. The new farm, however, is just as ramshackle as the last. Never mind Romney or Obama, noir or cozy, Wars or Trek. If you really want to get a bead on someone the question is: cat or dog? I got a sixth share in my first cat when I was five: Tabitha. They all came as kittens and lived out their lives. Poppy died in front of the Rayburn at fifteen, Clive met a car at two.

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